In order to understand our philosophy, we shall go back to the origins of our company:

A bit of history…

Cambados. 1957. Manuel Trigo Daporta starts to elaborate handmade work clothes for the sea and industry. With this purpose, he revives the traditional know-how using the fabric waterproofing technique by linseed oil, a complex, slow and laborious process, composed of three phases of application and drying.

... and its evolution ...

Maintaining the family tradition, Confecciones Trivi was born in 1962, being reconfigured at the business and industrial levels to face a constant growth.

Mechanization, automation processes appear as well as synthetic materials: polyamides, PVC coated polyester and polyurethane are currently only some of the extensive range of materials with which we manufacture our products and that we can offer to our customers.

Undeniable quality

At Trivi we only use materials provided by solvent suppliers and we establish internal quality controls through a laboratory. In an increasingly demanding and international market, Trivi competes with a verifiable quality, complying with the corresponding technical standards and ISO specifications.

Latest technologies

Today, Trivi is synonymous with leading technologies in the workwear manufacturing sector:

In addition to the latest technologies in numerical control and laser cuttings, heat sealing and fabric welding, we collaborate with several companies and institutions such as University of Santiago de Compostela for the development of R & D projects, such as HITUM (Smartphone controlled heating garments) and S2S ( Garments with integrated maritime safety system).

Label "Made in Galicia"

Throughout our history of more than half a century, Confecciones Trivi has assisted to the consolidation of a strong team of professionals with long experience in the sector, deep experts and passionate about their work and able to provide quality and proved effectiveness solutions. Thanks to this multidisciplinary work-team at our headquarters at Cambados, we can proudly raise the flag of "Made in Spain".

Personalised workwear

Workwear has become nowadays more than what its name implies: it has become part of the corporate image of companies and, in many cases, it has become the identity that the user perceives as well as a communication element that serves to attract customer’s attention. A uniform is a powerful tool to consolidate a brand’s presence; it transmits seriousness and confidence, but also originality or security in order to establish a trustful relation, and this is valid for employees and for customers as well.

With this purpose in mind, our experience over more than 60 years and our advanced technologies, allow us to offer a wide range of technical solutions to personalise your professional wardrobe with your corporate image.

Due to our capacity of providing a prompt reply and of fully satisfying large volume, medium or small orders, we invite you to convey your needs to Trivi: we will be pleased to provide you with the most suitable solution to your needs.